Thursday, November 30, 2017

Media Clip: Bullying and Abduction Prevention

Bullying and Abduction Prevention News Clip
To view the segment clip KGUN 9

Our Prevention Plan includes:  Avoid, Ignore and Move away.
The Response Plan includes: Block, Run and Tell a trusted adult.

The abduction of a child is a scary and tragic reality. Hence we must educate our children on that potential danger using simple strategies. The above plan is a simple one that can be used for multiple abduction scenarios and even bullying. 

Bullying occurs due to an insecure parents inability to control their insecure kid. Those that suffer are numerous...from the child being bullied to the parents who feel at times, hopeless. Empowernment can begin with education...please consider taking a radKIDS class. For some important facts that can help click here.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Learn how truly safe your neighborhood is.

The Tucson Police Department is offering a new crime fighthing tool, one which allows you to type in your address to see which crimes have here to see if perps live near you and here to enter your area for crime stats.