Our Team

radKIDS Lead Teacher: Summer
Ms. Summer is considered one of Tucson's top childrens safety advocate and serves as our lead
Summer's desire to learn and sustain practical protection techniques has guided her into teaching others these life enhancing skills, especially to those who often need it the most – children. Hence, in early 2006, Summer became a certified radKIDS instructor and began teaching the radKIDS safety program independently. The innovative curriculum of radKIDS allows Summer to interact with children in a playful but professional manner, as they learn about the dangers of guns, drugs, poisons, bullies, and predators. This exceptional family oriented and nationally recognized children's safety program covers many critical topics that are delicately covered by Summer.

Her instructional skills are also enhanced by her teaching experience as a Salsa Latin Dance Instructor and Crossfit Coach. Her patience and her use of versatile teaching methods makes her students, whether they are learning Salsa or self-defense, feel comfortable, confident and well informed
Follow these links for info on Summer's Salsa Classes and her Nutritional services.
radKIDS Chief Instructor: Bruce
As our Chief instructor and main radKIDs "actor" since 2005, Mr. Bruce brings many years of experience to our radKIDS sessions. Raised in New York, Bruce began, at an early age, defending himself and his younger brother from the gangs that roamed their school, playground, and neighborhood. This experience led him to study various traditional martial arts like Judo, Aikido, Karate, Wing Chun and Tae Kwon do. Because of those early years, Bruce felt the need of helping children protect themselves from the dangers they face every day. As a Nationally Certified Childrens Safety Instructor, Bruce is able to provide this support through the radKIDS program.

Besides working with kids, Bruce is also a Certifited Personal Protection Instructor for adults. Certified as an Israeli Self Defense Krav Maga Instructor since 2002 and serving as a U.S. Marine for over 20 years Bruces continues to serve his community. From teaching children to protect themselves from bullies and predators to empowering assault survivors in women's shelters, Bruce strives to increase his student's level of awareness, safety, and confidence through vigorous mental, emotional and physical regimens.

Although a Blackbelt, Bruce continues his own training as a student in the Elite Combat Arts of MCMAP, Kapap, Systema and Kajukenbo. His research into the current tactics employed by thugs on the street and the fear that may affect a defender's performance has led him to gather a small private personal protection team called "Combat Fit". This team is compromised of a select group of individuals with specialized skill sets. All  have trained in the innovative personal protection systems of Krav Maga and CQC. These programs incorporate practical combative sequencing, realistic personal protection tactics, simulated scenarios and functional movement drills, all designed to help the student understand what really happens during a street attack and what to do to survive it. Click here for info on Bruce's Combat FIT and Krav Maga Classes

radKIDS National Director and Instructor Trainer: Steve

Steve Daley assumed the responsibilities and duties of the first Executive Director of radKIDS® Inc after working in the field of law enforcement for over 20 years. Steve retired in1999 to assume leadership of the radKIDS Awareness and Defense System, a basic self defense program for kids which he helped develop while working with RAD Defense systems for women.

radKIDS Parent Assistant: Carlos 
Mr. Carlos is a great man to have on our team. As an awesome dad to 2 beautiful radKid girls and a dedicated husband to a wonderful supportive lady "Ms. Josie", Mr. Carlos volunteers his time to help out with our radKids program. With over 4 years of self defense experience and 14 years experience as a Dad, Mr. Carlos brings a great perspective to assisting with our scenarios and the kids. In the below picture you see Mr. Carlos demonstrating how an adult bully is stopped by a defender like Summer!