Media Inquiry

Media Inquiries:
If you are a media outlet or host looking to cover this great program on your: local TV newscast, Radio program or Internet Podcast, then please follow the below protocol.

1. Call us during our office hours to discuss your angle or focus of coverage.
2. Submit, via email, your proposed interview questions for our review.
3. Await a confirmation call or email of our acceptance of  your questions.
4. At our convenience, schedule an interview time and day.
5. When on-site, stay within pre-selected area, time frame and focus of coverage.
6. Note that all photos, videos, images on this site are property of Tucson radKIDS.
7. Request permission to use any of our photos, images, likeness or video clips.

If any of the above respectful requests are not adhered to, then we will discontinue our correspondence. If you abide and always follow the "codes of journalistic standards and ethics " then we are good to go in talking to you.
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Advocates of the radKIDS program:

Elizabeth Smart, the young lady who survived that brutal abduction as a child back in 2002, is the strongest supporter and advocate of the radKIDS safety program. This program was founded by Steve Daley back in 1998 and has been taught to over 250,000 children throughout North America. Elizabeth continues her support of this empowering educational program and on her mission to protect the innocent through her here for more information.