Sunday, November 8, 2020

Welcome To Tucson RadKIDS!

 Thank you for visiting our basic information site. We truly appreciate your initiative in keeping your child/ren safe. Our RadKIDs team is here to help you ease your anxiety or worries while providing a unique educational program ensuring your little ones safety.

RadKIDS is a nationally recognized, children's safety education and empowerment program primarily designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12.  Children learn awareness and avoidance techniques to prevent or escape situations that may involve bullying, school violence or abduction attempts.

Unlike traditional martial arts, our program directly addresses current threats through unique age appropriate education and realistic yet playful scenario training. Our volunteer team consist of certified instructors, local educators, martial artists, fitness trainers and retired Military.

We conduct private radKIDS classes at Crossfit, special weekenders at the UA and run the full 8 hour radKIDS 'Awareness-Prevention' course at the UofA. This is held annually in June and is open to all. 

If you want to prepare your child/ren and help them grow a sense of personal security plus ease your own anxiety then consider RadKIDS. Review this site and the subsequent pages, please annotate any questions then call or email us. The below information is for our radKID graduates and their families. To see when our next scheduled classes will be held, click here.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Next UA session: January 2021

Drop in Session
Come by with your child (5 to 8 years of age) and learn about the radkids empowerment program. Well behaved children will be taught basic safety techniques to protect themselves from bullies and bad strangers. Parents are invited to attend as well.

Date-time: January TBA 200pm-315pm
Location: University of Arizona "kids camp" SRC
Drop in Cost: $15 UA affiliated, $25 community
Pre-register: Space is limited, please register here at Campus rec website

Full Program:  Parents, the radkids 'awareness-prevention' course covers 8 hours of empowerment methods all used to prepare your child/ren with safety plans. Our small group classes are designed to provide more personal instruction and attention to each child attending.
Registration: via the Youth and Family program at UA
Full program dates: January 2021
Cost for full the program is: $65 fee paid to the UA . If you plan on participating in the full 8 hour session, please email us to be put on the list. 

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Preventing Drive-up Abductions
Prevent potential drive-up abductions, prepare and protect your child/ren by knowing where sex offenders are in your neighborhood! Consider signing them up for one of our radkids 40 minute classes. Also, to see the website with 'sex offenders' locations click here.

To watch a  news report on a recent attempt, please click here.

In 2003 the Supreme Court ruled that information about registered sex offenders may be posted on the Internet. The "The Family Watch Dog" website allows you: to see how close sex offenders are to your family residence, review their convictions and view their pictures. Just type in a home or work address and view a map of your local area.

Through this website you may also be notified by email or text message when an offender moves into your neighborhood. Get the information and increase your awareness to protect your family!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Urban Street Defense: Krav Maga

Parents...consider an investment in your personal safety and take Krav Maga. This Israeli form of self defense is a Reality Based Personal Protection System available to adults. Preview a class and listen to a testimonial in the above video. To learn more about this training and to register for an introductory session search "Combat FIT Tucson" or click here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

In memory of Cannon Hinnant

 Please click the above to read about this innocent child taken by a sick person. 
 Please teach your children these firearm safety tips:

1. If you notice someone following you, tell someone.
2. If a person walks up to you pointing a gun or knife, run.
3. Escape fast and yell for help. If you are hurt, keep moving.
4. Hide quietly behind, under or on top of something.
5. Wait for the bad sick person to go away. Seek help.
If you own a gun, consider the below guidelines:
1. As a responsible owner, take a gun safety course with your children.
2. Tell your children to never touch a gun without having a trained person present.
3. Treat pellet, toy & real guns, as if they are loaded. Dont point a gun at loved one.
4. Store all guns unloaded, in a locked cabinet, with ammo in a separate drawer.