Next Session-Cost

Community session at the UA:
During the summer, from June to July  we conduct the full 8 hour "Awareness-Prevention" Course"  (split into 8 classes of one hour each) all held at the UA This A camp Radkids 'AP' course is open to children ages 4 to 8 years of age (children over 8 can also attend with instructor approval). Parents are expected to be present during the class, to either participate as role players or to act as safety/discipline monitors. To watch a clip of our radkids in action, please click here.

For kids between 9 to  12 years of age we provide "abduction prevention" and "bully response" focused training at certain sessions. For details please call our office.

Please remember that while not a martial art, radkids does provide practical and realistic mental and physical training to children and dedicated parents. Parents please email or call us to reserve a spot, space is limited!

How do I sign up my child?
Please email us to reserve your spot (class size is limited to 10 kids, allowing for more individualized attention). Let us know which course you'd like to register for as well as your child's first name and age. Have the understanding that all children signing up for this program are expected to be well behaved and focused. Parental support and discipline is also important during the actual instruction. Payments of cash or check can be settled at the class location on the day of the training. You can also click here to verify when our next session or training cycle will be conducted.

Do you provide personal (private) one to one Instruction....whats the cost?
Yes we do provide personal instruction. Generally this type of private instruction is given to children that have been bullied at school and prefer individual training before entering our group classes. The cost is $15 to $50 per hour for the one to one training at our location. Summer, our lead instructor, can be contacted to schedule training dates and times.

UA Cost for group training:
The complete 8 hour Awareness-Prevention Course:
Tucson Community: $TBA

Individual Private Training:
Private one to one training cost is:
$15 for 40 minutes 4 to 6 years olds
$20 per hour for 5 to 8 year olds
$30 per hour for 9 to 12 year olds
$50 per hour for 13 to 15 year olds

Privately Scheduled Group- Per Child Cost:
$10 for 40 minutes per 4 to 6 years old (Class size 2 to 4)
$15 per hour 5 to 8 year old  (Class size 2 to 4)
$20 per hour 9 to 12 year old  (Class size 2 to 3)
$45 per hour 13 to 15 year old  (Class size 2)
Registration closes at 12pm 2 days before the event. Payment of cash or check can be settled on the training day or you can use the PayPal button to register before noon, 2 days before the event.

What to bring to a training session:
Please bring a bottle of water, comfortable clothing, workout shoes and snacks for the kids.

radKIDS 'Awareness-Prevention' test:

Full 8 hour Training Cycle
After the full radKIDS 8 hour 'Awareness-Prevention' Course we have The Final Test when all of the learned techniques will be practiced on the 'padded assailant simulator'. Please sign up early since space is limited. 
If these classes, don't fit your schedule, then consider getting a group of your children's friends together then we can coordinate a special session just for them.