School Visits

Our Tucson radKIDS team, always strives in its outreach efforts to educate children, parents, guardians and educators about the importance of personal empowerment in relation to personal safety. We are committed in supporting each child and parent with a personally empowering and comprehensive paradigm which helps them achieve and maintain: self value, self awareness and self-esteem. This is all achieved with radKIDS.

As an outreach to our community we often provide informational presentations on Child Safety to various educational institutions right here in Tucson and even have gone as far as Oro Valley, Sahuarita and Rita Ranch!

If your school is interested, our team can present a general 30 minute Child Safety Tip session for your school class, or we can also schedule a complementary presentation/discussion session to parents and adminstrators detailing the radKIDS training concepts. Past presentations have been given to school Principals, PTAs/PTOs, Homeowner Associations, Preschools and Daycares.

If you have any questions or would like a personal presentation or introduction of our program for your school, organization, group or facility, please call us to schedule it or contact us via email.

Now keep in mind, while the radKIDS program is designed to help children recognize potential hazards, providing them with realistic options for effective response, we highly encourage parent/guardian participation in all our classes. With this support, children are further empowered to make positive choices, enabling them to avoid or escape potential violent situations.

Below are 3 training options that have involved some parents. If your school administration is interested in one of these training plans, we can answer questions relating to instructor compensation (grants or independent contract) as well as the implementation of the radKIDS curriculum.

radKIDS Safety Week
This one week session can be held at your school gym, playground, cafeteria or other facility for small groups of upto 20 children. This week of classes is a great break from the regular routine. The kids will have fun while learning empowering skills that will last a lifetime. Each radKIDS program will have a Graduation Class in which all the radKIDS will get to show off the great techniques they learned during the week.

Summer Time School Sessions This 1 to 2 week radKIDS session is normally scheduled for private institutions/groups/schools upon request. The last friday of the session is the Final Test and Graduation Day. Please contact us about the pre-schoolers (3-4 year olds) program and to schedule at session at your daycare.

Ages 3-4: 30 minutes Monday-Friday 2 weeks.
Ages 5-7: 60 minutes per day Monday-Friday 2 weeks.
Ages 8-12: 2.5 hours per day Monday-Friday 1 week.

If these classes, don't fit your schedule, then consider getting a group of your children's friends together then we can coordinate a special session just for them.

radKIDS After School Program
With the school adminstrations approval this after school class will be a seamless transition from the school day into a fun filled hour or so, of radKIDS training. Our instructors will arrive at dismissal time and be responsible for the children until the end of the program. These classes can held one day per week for an 8 week session or twice weekly for 5 weeks. The radKIDS program meets national guidelines for physical education, in other words... movement is part of what we do.

radKIDS during the School Day
A few schools around the nation have adopted this concept, which provides a continous training cycle for all of the children within the school. Such radKIDS classes within the school schedule compliment health education, personal discipline training and physical fitness.