Saturday, February 2, 2019

Preventing Drive-up Abductions
Prevent potential drive-up abductions, prepare and protect your child/ren by knowing where sex offenders are in your neighborhood! Consider signing them up for one of our radkids 40 minute classes. Also, to see the website with 'sex offenders' locations click here.

To watch a  news report on a recent attempt, please click here.

In 2003 the Supreme Court ruled that information about registered sex offenders may be posted on the Internet. The "The Family Watch Dog" website allows you: to see how close sex offenders are to your family residence, review their convictions and view their pictures. Just type in a home or work address and view a map of your local area.

Through this website you may also be notified by email or text message when an offender moves into your neighborhood. Get the information and increase your awareness to protect your family!