Saturday, December 2, 2017

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radKIDS Safety Intro Session
Come by with your child (4 to 9 years of age) and learn about the radkids empowerment program. Well behaved children will be taught basic safety techniques to protect themselves from bullies and bad strangers.This Parent Information Session will be held:

Date-time: January 2018
Location: CrossFit HV 127 s. 4th ave near downtown.
Cost: $10
Pre-register: Space is limited, please call to reserve your spot before 12 noon a week before.

Full Program: 8 hour split sessions Parents, the radkids 'awareness-prevention' course covers 8 hours of empowerment methods all used to prepare your child/ren with safety plans. Please register your child/ren (ages 5-9) soon, since space is limited to less than 5 children per session. These small group classes are designed to provide more personal instruction and attention to each child attending.
Registration: Call us to register your child before 12 noon.
Full program dates: To see the 2018 dates click here.
Cost for full the program is: $70 (one time fee) Pay at the door to the Instructor staff.
If your child has completed a radKIDS session in the past they may still participate for FREE until their 13th Birthday!! If you plan on participating in the full 8 hour session, please email us to be put on the list. Please arrive before a little early since we lock the front doors 10 minutes after start time!
Location: CrossFit Hard Volume dowtown.
Pre-registration Cost: $60 (one time fee) call before 12 noon August 11th or email us.