Monday, December 15, 2014

Surviving a school shooting

Steps parents can take to ensure their childs survival in a mass shooting...

1. At home, discuss scenarios involving 'bad people' who are sick in the mind & want to hurt kids.
2. At home, conduct 'survival escape' drills away from danger and bad people:
        A. If close to the shooter: Drop, crawl and hide.
        B. If near the shooting:  Run, hide and barricade.
        C. If far from the shooting: Run, yell to sound the alarm and help hurt friends.
3. At school, request that the administration implement realistic protocols.
4. At school, have willing teachers practice 'immediate react' drills:
      A. If close to the shooter: Charge in, tackle him and command the children to run.
      B. If near the shooting: Direct children to move together, hide, barricade & call 911.
      C. If far: Calmly guide the children to a safe area, Look and listen for the shooter.

The above copyrighted material was compiled by Bruce Montoya. It is for educational and informational purposes only. All rights reserved 2012.

To watch a realistic training video entitled, "Run, Hide. Fight." click here.