Monday, January 3, 2022

Welcome To Tucson RadKIDS!

 Thank you for visiting our basic information site. We truly appreciate your initiative in keeping your child/ren safe. Our RadKIDs team is here to help you ease your anxiety or worries while providing a unique educational program ensuring your little ones safety.

RadKIDS is a nationally recognized, children's safety education and empowerment program primarily designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12.  Children learn awareness and avoidance techniques to prevent or escape situations that may involve bullying, school violence or abduction attempts.

Unlike traditional martial arts, our program directly addresses current threats through unique age appropriate education and realistic yet playful scenario training. Our volunteer team consist of certified instructors, local educators, martial artists, fitness trainers and retired Military.

We conduct private radKIDS classes at Crossfit, special weekenders at the UA and run the full 8 hour radKIDS 'Awareness-Prevention' course at the UofA. This is held annually in June and is open to all. 

If you want to prepare your child/ren and help them grow a sense of personal security plus ease your own anxiety then consider RadKIDS. Review this site and the subsequent pages, please annotate any questions then call or email us. The below information is for our radKID graduates and their families. To see when our next scheduled classes will be held, click here.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Preventing Drive-up Abductions
Prevent potential drive-up abductions, prepare and protect your child/ren by knowing where sex offenders are in your neighborhood! Consider signing them up for one of our radkids 40 minute classes. Also, to see the website with 'sex offenders' locations click here.

To watch a  news report on a recent attempt, please click here.

In 2003 the Supreme Court ruled that information about registered sex offenders may be posted on the Internet. The "The Family Watch Dog" website allows you: to see how close sex offenders are to your family residence, review their convictions and view their pictures. Just type in a home or work address and view a map of your local area.

Through this website you may also be notified by email or text message when an offender moves into your neighborhood. Get the information and increase your awareness to protect your family!

Monday, November 22, 2021

Media Clip: Bullying and Abduction Prevention

Bullying and Abduction Prevention News Clip
To view the segment clip KGUN 9

Our Prevention Plan includes:  Avoid, Ignore and Move away.
The Response Plan includes: Block, Run and Tell a trusted adult.

The abduction of a child is a scary and tragic reality. Hence we must educate our children on that potential danger using simple strategies. The above plan is a simple one that can be used for multiple abduction scenarios and even bullying. 

Bullying occurs due to an insecure parents inability to control their insecure kid. Those that suffer are numerous...from the child being bullied to the parents who feel at times, hopeless. Empowernment can begin with education...please consider taking a radKIDS class. For some important facts that can help click here.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Help Delete Online Predators

Every day, children are being tricked and sexually solicited online.

A true story?
Suzie Starks, a 12-year-old, was fairly popular. Suzie spent a lot of time online. She felt more comfortable there. One day she met a new friend online. They liked the same music. They worried about the same subjects in school. They promised to keep each other’s secrets.
They decided to meet at the mall. Suzie showed up early. So did her new friend.
Only her friend wasn’t in middle school. Wasn’t nice. Wasn't a girl...... and wasn’t 14.

You may not know what your kids are really doing online or who they are actually writing to. Most of the time, they don't realize who they really are writing to either.

So get involved. To protect your kid’s online life or report an incident, call 1-800-THE LOST or visit

Learn how to talk to your kids about better protecting their online lives. Visit "HDOP": help delete online predators.

Protect your child from Cyberbullies

During these times, your child is online more often. In silence, they may be suffering as the bullies from school move their tactics online. Look for the signs and learn to help them, click here and the photo below.