Friday, March 13, 2015

Help Delete Online Predators

Every day, children are being tricked and sexually solicited online.

A true story?
Suzie Starks, a 12-year-old, was fairly popular. Suzie spent a lot of time online. She felt more comfortable there. One day she met a new friend online. They liked the same music. They worried about the same subjects in school. They promised to keep each other’s secrets.
They decided to meet at the mall. Suzie showed up early. So did her new friend.
Only her friend wasn’t in middle school. Wasn’t nice. Wasn't a girl...... and wasn’t 14.

You may not know what your kids are really doing online or who they are actually writing to. Most of the time, they don't realize who they really are writing to either.

So get involved. To protect your kid’s online life or report an incident, call 1-800-THE LOST or visit

Learn how to talk to your kids about better protecting their online lives. Visit "HDOP": help delete online predators.